Seminar on Networking Regional Synergies

The home grown consulting industry in the region is expected to be severly impacted by globalization, having to face unequal competition from large international practices, which have unmatched resources. A 2-day regional seminar was held in Dhaka on 02-03 March 2005, aimed at encouraging cooperation and networking among the members of the consulting industry of the region to draw strength from pooling their complementary expertise and skills for a larger benefit. The seminar was organised by BACE in collaboration with TCDPAP Secretariat at CDC

The Asia Pacific is the largest growing region in the world and would see investment in infrastrcture in trillions of dollars with enormous opportunities in consulting services in the next 20 years. It was concluded that the countries of the region should cooperate and build up their capabilities to handle the task ahead by:

- offering training in the fields where a country may hold an edge,

- exchanging data and experience,

- exchanging information of forthcoming projects,

- including firms of the region in the shortlists for consulting services.

Towards this end, The TCDPAP - Technical Consultancy Development Programme for Asia and the Pacific, was identified as the vehicle for cooperation. It was proposed that TCDPAP be utilized for preparing and launcing a website which would contain a database of consulting firms, available experts and relevant training instituion in the region. It was also proposed that delegations of TCDPAP should visit member countries to spread the message.

Some 200 persons participated in the inaugural session and about 80 attended the technical sessions. Mr Richard A Kell, President FIDIC, graced the event as the Chief Guest. Besides addressing the inaugural session, he presented a paper entitled "Quality Integrity Sustainability are Keys to Networking Regional Synergies". Mr Kell also at a later session spoke on the recent change to FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction, 1st Edition 1999. Mr Abdul Awal Mintoo, President of the country's apex commerce and industry body FBCCI, and Mr S K Sharma, Dy Secretray at CDC - Consultancy Development Centre of India, also addressed the inaugural session, which was chaired by Mr Mahbub Haque, President TCDPAP and BACE.

A post seminar technical tour to the 4-8 km long Jamuna Bridge followed on 04 March. The event attracted participants from India, Pakistan, and Singapore, besidees the host country Bangladesh.