27th Annual General Meeting of BACE

The 27th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers (BACE) was held on 29 November, 2012 at 6.00 PM at BRAC Centre Inn, Mohakhali, Dhaka with BACE President, Mr. SM Shaheedullah in the chair. The turnout of the AGM was 62.16%, lower than expectation. The meeting started with expressing condolence at the sad demise of Arch. Khurshid Sarwar of Puraloy Prakaushali Ltd. and Syed Manzur Hossain Bokhari of DPM Consultants Ltd. In course of his welcome address the President reminisced on the contribution of the founding members of BACE and read out their names to the meeting. He reminded that BACE was guided by certain rules and regulations which he called upon the members to follow sincerely. He also advised the members to abide by the code of ethics of BACE constitution in everyone’s professional service.

Md. Abdus Sobhan, General Secretary presented an overview of the EC’s activities since the last AGM held in January, 2011. He disclosed that during that time 10 new members were inducted in BACE while another three firms were expected to join in future. The inducted new members are Abode of Consultants Ltd., Acumen Consulting House Ltd., assoconsult ltd., AVE Engineers and Consultants Ltd, Aqua Consultant and Associates Ltd., Dev Consultants Ltd, HB Consultants Ltd., IRG Development Services Ltd., JPZ Consulting (Bangladesh) Ltd. and Technological Services Ltd.

He told that BACE’s present membership now stood at 37, in spite of loss of two member-firms namely - Messrs Sheltech Consultants Ltd. and Messrs Puraloy Prakaushali Ltd. He also added that the office of Puraloy Prakaushali Ltd. was not traceable for a long time while the membership of Sheltech Consultants Ltd. had been kept suspended over a dispute over Managing Directorship among the directors which were subjudice.

The audited accounts for FY 2010 and FY 2011 and the budget for 2012 were presented by the Treasurer Mr. AMN Sobhan. The members approved them after a discussion on the audited accounts and the annual budget. The minutes of the last AGM held on 27 January, 2011 were confirmed while the annual report by the General Secretary was approved.

All proceedings were carried out according to the AGM program, excepting a seminar on SWOT analysis of consulting industry in Bangladesh, due to short of time. The seminar is proposed to be held in a convenient time in future.

After the formal business session was over, the members took part in a lively open floor discussion which was participated by Mr. Mahbub Haque, Mr. Munirul Haque, Mr. ATM Khaliduzzaman, Khondaker Mesbah Uddin Ahmed, Dr. Abdus Shabur, Mrs. Lailun Nahar Ekram and Mr. Sukharanjan Suter.

The President, General Secretary and Treasurer also took part in the discussions and made statements addressing the questions and comments raised from the floor. After the open floor discussion was over, the members along with their spouses joined in a fellowship dinner.

Md. Abdus Sobhan