BETS Consulting Services Ltd.

Name of the Firm : BETS Consulting Services Ltd.
Nature of Professional services : Consultancy Services
Address (Full Postal Address) : House No. 10, Road No. 135, Gulshan-1 Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Telephone: : +8802 9861534, +8802 8822870
Mobile : +88-01713010416
Name of the Managing Director/CEO : MD. NAZRUL ISLAM, Eng (Position: General Manager, Infrastructure, Power & Energy (IPE))
Tel: +8802 9889923 Ext-103
Mobile: +880 1711782452
RUPAN KANTI DAS, (General Manager, Water Supply, Sanitation & Environment (WSE))
Tel: +8802 9889923 Ext-144
Mob: +8801711784370
A.F.M. FAROOQUE (General Manager, Water Resources & Agriculture (WRA))
Tel: +8802 9889923 Ext-108
Mob: +8801711247570
MD. BADIUZZAMAN (General Manager, Education & Social Science (ESS)),
Tel: +8802 9889923 Ext-110
Mob: +8801714117715
Name and position of the Person/Director next to the Managing Director : Ar. Rabiul Hussain (Director)
Date of Incorporation in the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms : C-7240/99 of 1979 – 80 dated August 14, 1979
(Renamed by Joint Stock Company vide Issue No. 25996 dated 5th April 2005)
TIN Number : 245-200-0609/Circle-155, Area-08
Trade License No. : Trade License No. 03-00099, Ward No. 19, Issue No. 99, Issue Date 16/07/2013 under Dhaka North City Corporation


1 Architecture
2 Landscape Planning
3 Acoustic Design
4 Air-conditioning
5 Building Engineering (Civil/structure)
6 Construction supervision
7 Building Electromechanical
8 Soils/Foundation Engineering
9 Materials Engineering
10 Land and Hydrographic Survey
11 Traffic Transportation Studies
12 Roads and Highways Design
13 Bridge Engineering
14 Harbor, Jetty and Marine structure
15 River Training
16 Flood control and Drainage
17 Water Resources planning
18 Inland waterways
19 Land use and Urban physical planning
20 Rural Development
21 Agriculture and Aquaculture
22 Water supply and Sanitation
23 Power Generation
24 Power Transmission and Distribution
25 Industrial Planning and Installation
26 Environment and Health
27 Project Management
28 Human Resources Development
29 Institutional studies
30 Telecommunication
31 Computer application and IT
32 Others
33 Baseline survey, economic & social studies
34 Gas sector planning & strategy
35 Sewerage and drainage
36 Solid waste management

Name of 10 major completed /ongoing projects with following information:

1 Name of the project : Engineering Consultancy Services for Detailed Design, Construction, Supervision and Related Services under Karnaphuli Water Supply Project
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: In order to improve the water supply service in Chittagong, CWASA under the Ministry of LGRD plans to construct a water treatment plant, service reservoirs and transmission/distribution pipelines (the Project), aiming at increasing the coverage ratio of water supply services and improving public health status of the community. The project comprises of the following scopes: Water Treatment plants; Intake facility; Distribution Reservoirs; Nasirabad Reservoir; Khulshi Reservoir; Battali Hill Reservoir; Secondary Distribution Pipes; Procurement of equipment’s. Description of Actual Services provided by the Staff within the Assignment: The main scopes of the assignment are as under: Undertaking the Project evaluation and preliminary design works; Undertaking detailed engineering designs which include civil, structural, process, hydraulics computation and analysis, mechanical and electrical designs; Preparing tender documentation and assisting the CWASA in tender administration process; Undertaking contract administration and construction supervision; Undertaking water supply system management standardization; Undertaking technology transfer to the officer and staff of the CWASA and sub-consultants; Preparing O & M manual, reporting and record keeping formats.
Duration and Date of completion : From May 2008 to June 2014
Name of the Employer : Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (CWASA)
Volume of the project : Total Contract Value: JPY 818,126,985.00
BETS Fee: BDT 192,425,405.00
2 Name of the project : Detailed Design, Bidding Documents and Supervision of Works under Dushanbe Water Supply Project (Phase 1 & 2)
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: To improve the Dushanbe Municipality Water Supply System, the government of Republic of Tajikistan has obtained a loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). In this context, IDB has allocated 7 million Islamic Dinars, towards the cost of the Dushanbe Water Supply Project. The objectives of the Dushanbe Water Supply project are to i) prepare complete and technically appropriate designs, specifications, and bidding documents for the immediate investments, using internationally recognized standards ii) make sure that the procurement process is dealt within an efficient, transparent and equitable manner; and using the best practices for international public procurement and iii) ensure that the works are implemented according to widely accepted engineering standards, in time and within budget. The project components included design, tendering and supervision of Package-1: SAM Water treatment Plant (345 MLD) with ancillary works Package-2: NAP Water Treatment Plant (Construction of 4 Boreholes) Package-3: KAF-1, Water Storage Reservoir (3,000m3) Package-4: FAF-2, Protection Dam and Transmission Pipeline (1,000 mm of 5.4 km) with river crossing along with ancillary works Description of Actual Services provided by the Staff in the Assignment: - Planning and Programming - Reconnaissance Field Survey - Material Study - Preparation of Detailed Design (structural/mechanical/electrical specification & working drawings), which includes : Collection of Data and Analysis, Review of Previous Studies & Reports, Reconstruction of Sedimentation Pond of SAM WTP, Performance Evaluation of Water Treatment Plants, Detailed design, preparation of BOQ, cost estimate, tender documents and construction supervision of SAM Water Treatment Plant of capacity 345 MLD with ancillary works, Design of Wells in NAP Treatment Plant area, Communication and power supply, Design of additional Storage Reservoir and Administrative & Domestic building, Design of access road, Design of Transmission and Collection pipelines, Mechanical Specifications and Detailed Design Drawings, Electrical Specification and Drawing, Automation/Operations and Drawings, Preparation of bill of quantities and list of goods with detailed cost estimates - Preparation of Bidding Documents - Selection of Contractors and Suppliers - Construction Supervision and Preparation of reports
Duration and Date of completion : Phase-1: From January 2007 to March 2010
Phase-2: From June 2011 to January 2014
Name of the Employer : Dushanbe Water Supply PMU
Volume of the project : BETS Fee: USD 1.163 million
3 Name of the project : "Design and Management Consultants (DMC)" of Dhaka Water Supply Sector Development Project (DWSSDP)
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: Strengthened Institutional, governance and managerial structure and capacity of DWASA; Improved financial and operational management capacity of DWASA and trained staff and resources for DWASA adequately operating and maintaining the system; Enhanced policy framework for improved physical condition of the water supply system; Rehabilitated and strengthened distribution network; and Improved water quality and monitoring system. Description of Actual Services provided by the Staff within the Assignment : Component A: Distribution System and Quality Improvement: Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Strengthening; Water Quality and Monitoring System Improvement Component B: Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening : This component will essentially include: institutionalization of sound financial management, efficient billing, revenue collection and customer record systems; provision of comprehensive training for all levels of DWASA staff to optimize operational performance and upgrading of training facilities; and extensive demand control and awareness campaign for consumers Pertinent sub-components are: Financial Management Improvement, Training and Capacity Building, Demand Control and Public Awareness. Component C: Project Management and Implementation Support : Its main subcomponents are: project management and monitoring, detailed planning and design activities under the Project, contract structuring, tendering, execution, and management, construction supervision, preparation of a demand control, resource conservation and public awareness campaign, including the tariff awareness program; and identification and development of various institutional strengthening measures, training modules and guidelines/manuals and provision of training; Consulting services will also include engagement of NGOs to manage parts of the demand control and community awareness program; Additionally, consulting services will be provided to assist DWASA in conducting a feasibility study for an optimal location of the future 500 mld SWTP.
Duration and Date of completion : From December 04, 2008 to November 03, 2013
Name of the Employer : Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage authority ( DWASA)
Volume of the project : Total Contract Value: BDT 67,45,81,487
BETS Fee: BDT 13,00,00,000
4 Name of the project : Char Development and Settlement Project-III
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: The overall development objective of CDSP has been in the past and will be during CDSP Ill as well the reduction of poverty in the coastal areas of south-eastern Bangladesh, with special reference to the poorest segments of the population. The three specific project objectives will continue to be: 1. Promotion of an institutional environment that sustains CDSP type interventions; 2. Accumulation and dissemination of data and knowledge on coastal char development; and 3. Directly improving the economic and social situation of people in the coastal chars in a sustainable way. Compared to CDSP I and II, the new phase will put relatively much emphasis on the first two project objectives. Internalization of concepts and methodologies by the six implementing agencies and dissemination of knowledge and information on char development will receive the highest priority. The third objective will focus, geographically speaking, on Boyer Char. That area was included as still unprotected project area in CDSP II. Some rural infrastructure was established, while field level community based organizations were formed. A start was made with land settlement. In CDSP III Boyer Char will become a protected area by empolderment. Internal infrastructure will be further developed and the land settlement process will be completed to the greatest extent possible. The brunt of project activities in other, older, project areas will be on monitoring. Active project support will be provided where necessary. In particular the participatory water management and land settlement components need further support. Feasibility studies will be undertaken to identify and formulate future multi-agency investments in development of chars elsewhere in the estuary. Description of Actual Services Provided: Familiarization of members TA-team with ICZM; Contact with ICZM on role of ICZM Focal Points in internalization process; Participation of CDSP III staff in JCZM meetings; Development of an outline of a plan for the internalization process in each of the six implementing agencies; Develop a phasing out strategy for WMOs in old project areas; Make an outline of a plan for support to the Water management Directorate of BWDB, in cooperation with IPSWAM; Initiation of and participation in meetings with senior management of BWDB (Director General) and LGED (Chief Engineer) about availability of funds for maintenance in CDSP areas; Drafting of a paper on the role of local government bodies in CDSP III; Initiation and participation in discussions with the Deputy Commissioners concerned about the discussion on CDSP III in the DDCC meetings; Upgrading and improving functioning of PMC; Stimulating linkages with other projects and activities; Preparation of co-funding in char development investments after 2009; Drainage study upstream Baggar Dona; Baseline surveys, pras, feasibility studies; Knowledge management; Pro-poor use of coastal natural resources; Establishment of anew polder in Boyer Char; Support to people in unprotected areas in Boyer Char; Discussing with BWDB on the state of preparation of designs etc. of all engineering works involved; based on that progress drafting of a plan for technical Assistance, to be approved in the PMC; Infrastructure and land settlement in CDSP II areas.
Duration and Date of completion : From September 2005 to June 2009
Name of the Employer : Royal Netherlands Embassy
Volume of the project : Total Contract Value: EURO 2.390343 million
BETS Fee: EURO 0.717452 million
5 Name of the project : Management, Design, Monitoring and Supervision of Irrigation Rehabilitation Project, Tajikistan
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: The Government of Tajikistan places the high priority in restoring and improving the performance of key water sector infrastructure facilities - I&D and rural water supply - towards achieving its goal of alleviating the rural poverty. The Project will support low-income farmers in the Project areas, by improving livelihood and income through the provision of improved irrigation and potable water supplies, and the promotion of sustainable and profitable agriculture practices. By supporting private farms, the Project aims to demonstrate the benefits of adopting appropriate farm management structures in a more market-based environment to assist the Ministry of Water Management and Amelioration in the successful implementation of this important project. The Project goal is to improve living standards of the rural population in the project area. The Project objective is to increase the crop production and income of rural communities, and improve selected rural potable water supply systems. Description of Actual Services provided by the Staff within the Assignment: To reconfirm all project components and to carry out additional surveys and investigations as necessary; To carry out all sites, soil and other investigations necessary for the project preliminary and detailed design as appropriate; To prepare detailed designs and associated contract documentation to include LoI, conditions of contract, specifications, design reports, bills of quantities etc. and to assist in preparing documentation for procurement requirements, pre-qualification of contractors, evaluation of bids, recommendation of awards of contracts etc; To assist prepare detailed cost estimates for each work package; To prepare detailed implementation schedules covering all stages of the implementation process for each of five district project from field survey and investigations to acceptance of finished work; To assist PMU and PIUs in the preparation of annual work plan; To assist the PIUs with supervision of works; To assist with the procurement of equipment, materials and services procured under ICB or LCB procedures as necessary, including preparation of tender documents, tendering, tender evaluation and contract award; Assist PMU in the preparation and implementation of potable water supply and sanitation system; Assist PMU in the preparation of statement of expenditure (S0E) to submit it to ADB; Set up procedures for management and monitoring of project programs; Define criteria based on Economic Internal Rate of return (EIRR); consider financial, economic, social and environmental impact assessment and also carry out benefit monitoring and evaluation on the performance of project implementation; Help PIUs in carrying out survey and assist in determining the existing physical conditions of the rural services in connection with irrigation and water, assess their requirement for upgrading, prepare maps, conduct analysis, prepare standards on the O&M of services and help prepare the priority list for operation and maintenance; Carry out and conduct initial and final benchmark information survey for the rural services, prepare regular evaluation reports showing insightful analysis and comparison about the performance of the Project; To assist with contract management and the preparation of the “as rectified” or “as built” drawings; To undertake other tasks as assigned by the Executing Agency.
Duration and Date of completion : From September 2006 to February 2011
Name of the Employer : Ministry of Water Resources & Land Reclamation (MWRLR), Tajikistan
Volume of the project : Total Contract Value: USD 2.596 Million
BETS Fee: USD 2.4161 Million
6 Name of the project : Management, Design, Monitoring, Supervision and Feasibility Study for Khatlon Province Flood Risk Management Project (ADB Loan No, 40046)
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Detailed Narrative Description of Project: The one-time dream – a 20 km flood protection embankment along the Pyanj River in Hamadoni district with 23 spurs is a reality, stretching from Chubek Head Intake up to Sayod Hill together with an additional 1.5 km O & M road with a bridge at the tail end to connect with an existing road. Additionally, rehabilitation of about 700 m flood protection embankment along Kizilsu and Yakhsu Rivers in Vose and Kulyab districts have also been completed. All committed non-physical works have also been performed. These include: establishment of a mathematical model for flood forecasting and early warning with the State Agency for Hydro-meteorology, community training in 20 Jamoats and evacuation drills in Hamadoni, Farkhor, Vose and Kulyab districts, capacity building and training (in-country and overseas), and feasibility study of Kizilsu and Yakhsu River basin. The impact analysis, conducted during the preparation of the Final Report, shows very positive results with fewer negative effects. The economic analysis gives a high economic internal rate of return (EIRR) indicating that the project will play a role in improving the life of the people in the project area and the national economy as whole. Detailed Description of Actual Services provided: Institutional capacity building; Preparation of draft legislation to include the concept of integrated flood management approach; Technical and Engineering training to the staff on flood management; Topographic survey and detailed design of flood protection embankment; Preparation of tender document; Preparation of bid evaluation report; Data collection and analyses on the current embankment maintenance capacity for procuring appropriate set of equipment; Preparation of technical specifications of the equipment to be procured; Preparation of tender documents for procurement of equipment including preparation of bid evaluation report; Preparation of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual for flood protection embankment; Preparation of flood risk maps; Preparation of emergency plans; Conducting evacuation drills and evaluating the outcomes; Flood forecasting including development of real-time flood forecasting models; Conducting training to the local staff to operate the real time models; Preparation of most suitable flood warning system; Project management; Environmental management and monitoring; Social Impact assessment; Project monitoring and evaluation; Procurement and contracting; Construction management and supervision; Conducting support to project steering committees; Conducting feasibility study for Kizilsu and Yakhsu Rivers.
Duration and Date of completion : September 2008 March 2013
Name of the Employer : Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Resources (MLRWR), Tajikistan
Volume of the project : Total Contract Value: USD 2.4555 Million
BETS Fee: USD 2.058 Million
7 Name of the project : The Site Survey and Selection, Soil Investigations, Detailed Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and assisting in Tender Awarding, funded Fael Khair Program of IDB
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: In response to the urgent need for assistance to the victims of cyclone SIDR which impacted the south-western coast of Bangladesh November 2007, and to provide a long term solution to the recurring cyclone in the sub –region ,an anonymous donor (Fael Khair in Arabic) has entrusted to the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) a generous donation of USD 130 million which will be utilized to provide urgent relief in the form of agricultural impacts to the affected farmers fishermen and small businesses as well as for the construction of about Six hundred (600) School Cum Cyclone Shelter in the coast belt of Bangladesh . These Schools would be strong enough to be used as shelter for the population living in surrounding area against future cyclones. Fael Khair program will utilize their donation in two key areas: School cum Shelter- An amount of US$ 110 million will be for the construction of 600 schools cum shelters in the areas divested by the cyclone SIDR. Agro Input Program- An amount of 20 million will be used in this program to provide urgent relief in the form of agricultural inputs to the affected farmers, fishermen and assistance to small businesses. The school cum cyclone shelters will be built on locations chosen by the in the coastal areas. The objectives of the project is to undertake the site survey, soil investigations, detailed design, Estimate ,BOQ, preparation to tender documents for the future construction works of school cum cyclone shelters on existing primary school sites, which to the extent possible should incorporate Islamic architectural features and blend with the local environment. Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided: • Management and coordination of all activities related to this project for timely completion, • Site survey, appraising site locations, verification of land ownership documents, identification of land dispute, if any, consultation meetings with the school management committee and the teachers as well as upazila level for selection of the sites • Topographic survey and preparation of map. • Sub soil investigation. • Preparation of sub-soil investigation report. • Assessment of need for civil construction including water supply, sanitation of school buildings; • Preparation of site plan, detailed architectural design and drawing. • Preparation of structural design of foundation and superstructure including water supply system, plumbing installation; • Preparation of cost estimate, BoQ and Tender Documents for civil, water supply works as well as for supply of furniture, • Preparation of Technical specifications; • Preparation of Tender documents • Maintaining liaison with the client
Duration and Date of completion : 14 June 2009 to ongoing
Name of the Employer : Islamic Development Bank
Volume of the project : BETS Fee : USD 62,063.00
8 Name of the project : Detailed Engineering Design, Procurement Assistance, Project Management and Construction Supervision Consultancy Services of Andkhoy-Aquina Road, Con-II (IDB Loan No. AF-021)
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: Road from Andkhoy to Aquina is one of the important international corridors of Central Asian Road network carrying Oils and Industrial Goods from neighboring countries. The Ministry proposes to implement this project through external borrowing. This project road which measures approximately 34 km and links the north-west corner of the Ring road to Turkmenistan which is one of the 10 largest external trading partners of Afghanistan. The objective of the Project is to help the Government to substantially improve the road connection between Andhkoy to Aquina. Description of Actual Services provided in the Assignment: Phase-1: Detailed Engineering design and Bidding documents Preparation of detailed Engineering Design: Topographic Survey; Geological and Geo-technical investigation; Sub-Soil investigation for Culvert foundation; Design of road pavement and structures; Design the major structures; Inspect existing bridge and drainage structure; Design of new bridge and Box-Culvert; Identifying the Irrigation Canals, side drainage and minor culvert; Inspection of existing Retaining walls and slope protection work; Identifying any Ancillary works; Preparation of detailed Bill of Quantites (BOQ) estimate the construction cost; Preparation of detail drawing for Road and structures etc.; Land Acquisition plan Preparation of Bidding Documents: Selection of Contractors; Assistance Pre-bid and Bidding; Assistance Pre-Construction Phase-2: Construction Supervision: Review and approve the design, working drawing and specifications; Approve the Contractors mobilization, materials and Equipment’s; Construction management plan; Modify the design and construction drawing and approve as built drawing; Approve Contractors proposal for Traffic management and safety plan; Monitor the Setting out of the work; Inspect materials and Equipment’s delivered to the site; Review the Contractors Quality program, supervise, inspect, measure etc.; Supervise safety environmental protection measures; Maintain records of progress of works; Issue instruction to the contractors and recommendation that; Compare actual with scheduled progress of work; Any change/modification of design and recommendation V/O for that; Review As-Built drawing; Certify work volume and progress payment and prepare monthly report; Calculate Liquidity damage; Evaluate contractors claim and resolving the issue; Certify completion of part or all of the works; Prepare final statement of accounts and recommend; Assist issuing Taking-Over Certificate; Preparation of completion report
Duration and Date of completion : From July 2007 to April 2013
Name of the Employer : The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Volume of the project : Total Contract Value: USD 1.184 million
BETS Fee: USD 0.764 million
9 Name of the project : Baseline study for Impact Assessment of “Small Scale water Resources Development Project” funded by JICA
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) is implementing 200-215 small water resources management subprojects under the Small Scale Water Resources Development Project (SSWRDP) in greater Mymensingh, Syihet and Faridpur areas. Each subproject is to improve water management - irrigation, flood management, and/or drainage improvement and command area development (CAD) on net area of up to 1,000 ha for the purpose of increasing production in agriculture and fish resources, employment income, and to contribute to overall poverty reduction. Description of Actual Services provided by the Staff within the Assignment: Review of the existing project documents; Finalization of operation design and target beneficiaries; Defining of indicators for measuring the baseline study; Preparation Questionnaire or checklist and finalizing those through pre-testing; Recruitment of field staff and provide Training; Preparation of Field survey schedule; Preparation of description of quality controls/supervision in the field; Field Data Collection and Checking: Identification of secondary data to use as baseline data; Define sampling techniques, selection of units of study and finalizing the data collection methods and techniques; Data collection from field and quality control Data processing and analysis: Data Entry, cleaning and processing; Preparation of framework for analysis - data tables, indicator calculations and stratification/disaggregation of data; Preparation of Reports.
Duration and Date of completion : Form December 28, 2011 to December 28, 2012
Name of the Employer : Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
Volume of the project : BETS Fee: BDT 11,984,000.00
10 Name of the project : Consulting services for Planning and Design on Access Road for Preparatory Survey on Chittagong Area Coal Fired Power Plant Development Project in Bangladesh (JICA Study)
Nature of the project : Consultancy Services
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Narrative Description of Project: To plan the route of the access road, and implement basic design road and bridge(s) between the proposed power plant site and the national highway based on field reconnaissance, traffic count survey and natural condition survey. The design is done in compliance with the relevant regulations of Bangladesh, the Japanese Road Structure Ordinance and American/European standards (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, “AASHTO", etc. The project study area includes: Study of the existing road between the national highway and the proposed power plant site; Screening of the most probable route of the existing road (approx. 33km) and the alternative route at the initial stage and new route (approx. 7km each) between Maheskhali Island and the proposed power plant site; To minimize / avoid construction work use of existing road as much as possible. Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Planning and designing of the access road route and bridges: Data collection from secondary sources, Site reconnaissance with JICA Study Team members, Traffic count survey and estimation of future traffic, Study of candidate route for access road along with study basic road structures and bridges, Preliminary design of new road and bridges – approximately 640 meter length, Preliminary Design of New Road and Bridge(s) and Improvement, Study of execution of access road project, Study of construction schedule road and bridges and Estimation of project cost, which will includes estimation of cost of construction & improvement, cost of land acquisition and resettlement. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Preparation of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report for which the following activities are to be undertaken; Legal and institutional survey; Secondary data collection and analysis on natural and social environment; Field survey. Preparation of LARAP : Support the responsible agency to conduct “Socialization” for conducting field survey necessary for the LARAP preparation; Support the responsible agency to hold stakeholder meetings; Conduct census of all Affected Persons (“Aps”) living inside the affected areas; Conduct an inventory of total losses of all APs; Conduct replacement cost survey for various types of affected assets as a basis for determining compensation rates at replacement cost; Provide project and resettlement information to all persons affected in a format and language that are understandable to them, and closely consult with them on compensation and resettlement options, including relocation sites and economic rehabilitation; Prepare a draft LARAP with time-limit implementation schedule, procedures for grievance mechanism and monitoring and evaluation, and a budget Surveys for LARAP : Census - Total and affected areas of land, by type of land assets; Total and affected areas of structures, by type of structure (main or secondary) including wells and cemeteries; Legal status of affected land and structure assets, and duration of tenure and ownership; Quantity and types of affected crops and trees; Quantity and types of affected salt fields and fish ponds; Quantity of other losses, e.g., business or other income, jobs or other productive assets; estimated daily net income from informal shops; Quantity/area of affected common property, community or public assets, by type; Summary data on Affected Houses (“AHs”), by ethnicity, gender of head of household, household size primary and secondary source of household income, income level, whether household is headed by women, elderly, disabled, poor or indigenous peoples; Identify whether affected land or source of income is the primary source of income; and APs’ knowledge of the subproject and preferences for compensation and, as required, relocation sites and rehabilitation measures. Socio-economic Survey; Household head: name, sex, age, livelihood or occupation, income, education and ethnicity; Household members: number, livelihood or occupation, school age children and school attendance, and literacy, disaggregated by gender; Living conditions: access to water, sanitation and energy for cooking and lighting; ownership of durable goods; and Access to basic services and facilities.
Duration and Date of completion : February 01, 2013 to September 30, 2013
Name of the Employer : Tokyo Electric Power Co. Ltd. (TEPCO) & JICA
Volume of the project : BETS Fee: USD 231,640.00