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Nature of Professional services : Consultancy
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Name of the Managing Director/CEO : MR. ZEAUL HUQ,
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Name and position of the Person/Director next to the Managing Director : Engr. /Arch. A. K. RAFIQUE UDDIN AHMED, P.ENG,
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Date of Incorporation in the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms : 17TH OCTOBER, 1983
TIN Number : 211 200 0848, TAX ZONE - 8
Trade License No. : 0636994


1 Architecture
2 Landscape Planning
3 Acoustic Design
4 Air-conditioning
5 Building Engineering (Civil/structure)
6 Construction supervision
7 Building Electromechanical
8 Soils/Foundation Engineering
9 Materials Engineering
10 Land and Hydrographic Survey
11 Traffic Transportation Studies
12 Roads and Highways Design
13 Bridge Engineering
14 Harbor, Jetty and Marine structure  
15 River Training
16 Flood control and Drainage
17 Water Resources planning
18 Inland waterways
19 Land use and Urban physical planning
20 Rural Development
21 Agriculture and Aquaculture
22 Water supply and Sanitation
23 Power Generation
24 Power Transmission and Distribution
25 Industrial Planning and Installation
26 Environment and Health
27 Project Management
28 Human Resources Development
29 Institutional studies
30 Telecommunication
31 Computer application and IT
32 Others
33 Agro-Socio-Economic Survey and Study
34 Community Development
35 Forestry

Name of 10 major completed /ongoing projects with following information:

1 Name of the project : Consultancy Services for Improved Water Management in BWDB Schemes (Contract Package No. BWDB/S-1) under Water Management Improvement Project (IDA Credit No. 4359-BD)
Nature of the project : Water resources management improvement
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : System Improvement and Management Transfer (SIMT); O&M Performance Improvement; and Institutional Improvement of BWDB, WARPO and PCU in Program Co-ordination and Monitoring; rehabilitation and improvement (R&I) of FCD and FCDI schemes.
Duration and Date of completion : Jan. 2010-Dec. 2015
Name of the Employer : BWDB
Volume of the project : 6.87
2 Name of the project : Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study of Capital Dredging and Sustainable River Management in Bangladesh
Nature of the project : River management plan of major rivers, flood and erosion management, improve navigability.
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Review and Analysis of Historical development of rivers, flow pattern & quantum and sediment regime, erosion and deposition trends in Bangladesh and adjoining watersheds. . Reviewing the NWPo, NWMP, technical literatures, previous study reports, model studies, consultancy reports in identifying the problems. Survey and Investigation. Options for erosion and sediment management and sustained dry season flow in distributaries. Assessment of Capital and maintenance dredging Quantum. Channelization of Jamuna and Padma Rivers. Investment Plan. The Study also included technical/engineering studies, hydraulic, morphological and structural analysis, institutional and economical analysis, environmental and social impact assessments and management plans.
Duration and Date of completion : Sep. 2011-Aug. 2013
Name of the Employer : BWDB
Volume of the project : 2.042
3 Name of the project : Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design for the Construction of Flyover from Paltan to Dhaka-Mawa Road via 4th (New) Bridge Over Buriganga River (PPP Project)
Nature of the project : Construction of Flyover
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : RAJUK intends to construct an access controlled flyover from Palton to Dhaka-Mawa Road via 4th (New) Bridge over Buriganga river (suitable place nearer to existing Babu Bazar Bridge) which would connect RAJUK Jhilmil residential project area. The objectives are: i) To facilitate north-south traffic movement by increasing the traffic carrying capacity of Mogbazar, Malibag, Kakrail, Palton, Gulistan, North-South road, English road, Babu bazar and to link with the Padma bridge traffic to Dhaka city centre; ii) To reduce the travel time cost of road vehicles using the flyover; iii) To better integrate the river mode; iv) To make better local as well as national road network; v) To improve the level of service and reliability by providing a safe and wide flyover; vi) To develop Strategy to determine the potential role of the private sector in the financing, constructing, operating and maintaining flyover through the formation of PPP; vii) To provide assistance to RAJUK for preparation of “flyover from Paltan to Dhaka-Mawa Road via (New) 4th Bridge over Buriganga River” project as PPP project; viii) To improve the institutional capacity of RAJUK in management, construction and quality control of flyover construction by training RAJUK officials; and ix) To prepare the feasibility study report and conceptual design for the following main components: (a) Elevated Expressway (Flyover) (b) 4th (New) Bridge over Buriganga River (c) Appropriate number of exit(s) and entry(ies) (i.e. Ramps) (d) Improvement of existing intersections and (e) Reconstruction of existing ground roads
Duration and Date of completion : Mar.2011-Mar. 2013
Name of the Employer : RAJUK
Volume of the project : 0.395
4 Name of the project : Design, Supervision and Institutional Support Consultancy Services for Eastern Bangladesh Rural Infrastructure Development Project.
Nature of the project : Construction of road, bridge, rural and urban infrastructure
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : The project planned to accelerate agricultural production, non-farm economic and social development in the identified project area by improving basic rural transport network and supporting infrastructure in a sustainable manner. The LGED as the executive agency selected the consultants for providing technical assistance for Design, Supervision and Institutional Support for implementation of the project as a whole. The components of the project include: Upazila Road Upgrading; Union Road Upgrading; Construction of Bridges and Culverts; Construction of Submersible Roads; Growth Centers/Markets Improvement; Boat Landing Stages/ Ghats; Construction of Union Parishad Buildings; LGED Functional Buildings; Institutional Development and Training.
Duration and Date of completion : May, 2006-June, 2011
Name of the Employer : LGED
Volume of the project : 3.25
5 Name of the project : Estuary Development Program (EDP) under Dutch Assistance.
Nature of the project : Marine survey, investigate & design of potential cross dams and investigate & implement potential erosion control and accelerated land accretion schemes in the coastal belt of Bangladesh.
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : The services been provided by the professional of the study teams, among others, include the following major heads: A. Survey and Study Support Unit B. Investigation and Design of Potential Cross Dams C. Investigation and Implementation of Potential Erosion Control & Accelerated Land Accretion Schemes D. Training and Transfer of Technology
Duration and Date of completion : Mar. 2007-Nov. 2010
Name of the Employer : BWDB
Volume of the project : 3.85
6 Name of the project : Planning and Designing of Various Infrastructural and Utility Plans and Components with Ancillary Works for Purbachal New Town Project.
Nature of the project : Planning and Designing of Various Infrastructural and Utility Plans
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Study the final land use plan and review in respect of Transportation network with ancillary components; conduct hydrological and drainage study; assess the water and sewerage demand on the basis of projected population, land-use pattern and other water use; identify surface water sources, water quality and suggest feasible options; investigate ground water aquifer, assess ground water quality and availability for exploitation.; design production tubewell and the pump houses; plan, design and cost estimates of water collection and distribution network; plan, design and cost estimates of Ground reservoir, Overhead tanks, assess of water treatment requirement for both ground and surface water; carry out detailed hydraulic and structural design and also cost estimate of Water Treatment Plants; suggest RAJUK Authority to install Water Supply and Sewerage System with the prospect and procedure of private participation in installation and O&M and management; Geo-technical investigation for foundation designing of the major structures of transportation networks, water supply and sewerage and ancillary structures; prepare all working drawings, cost estimates, Bill of Quantities, Schedule of contract and technical specification for the proposed structures and civil construction works; Top supervision of construction works for roads, bridges, culverts, underpass, tunnel, overpass, sluice gate, reservoir, overhead reservoir, treatment plants, pipeline distribution networks, etc. prepare number of reports; mapping of all components, prepare detailed design report on transportation network structures, water supply and sewerage system along with all associate structures; prepare Project Completion Report (PCR).
Duration and Date of completion : June 2006-Oct. 2008
Name of the Employer : Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK), Dhaka
Volume of the project : 7.40
7 Name of the project : Improvement of Feeder Road Type-A under Third Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project (RRMP-III)
Nature of the project : Construction of road, bridge.
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : The work covered multi-disciplinary tasks involving (a) Design Review; (b) Design, (c) Tender Assistance, (d) Construction Supervision, and (e) Road Safety aspects. The project comprised Upgrading/Rehabilitation of 510 km of Feeder Roads Type A, Maintenance of 1100 km of National and Regional Roads including design and construction supervision of 23 major bridges. (i) Katalipara-Kandi road, Length 94m, (ii) Shahpur-Sholgati-Ckuknagar road, Length 90m (iii) Sirajgonj-Kazipur road, Length 165 m, (iv)Kushtia-Poradaha-Alamdanga-Chuadanga road, Length 75m (v) Kushtia-Poradaha-Alamdanga-Chuadanga road, Length 90m. (iv) Kushtia-Poradaha-Alamdanga-Chuadanga road, Length 75m (v) Kushtia-Poradaha-Alamdanga-Chuadanga road, Length 90m, (vi) Sariatpur-Gosairhat road, Length 150m, (vii) Kazipur-Dhunat-Sherpur road, Length 165m, (viii) Barisal-Lakutia-Babuganj road, Length 75m (ix) Kumarkhali-Kushtia-Paksey Ferry Road the works for 33 km of Highway N74 included complete re-construction of the roadway from removal of existing embankment to full re-construction of 2-lane carriage way.
Duration and Date of completion : May 1999-June 2005
Name of the Employer : RHD
Volume of the project : 10.15
8 Name of the project : Construction Supervision of Intake Structure and Pumping Station (Package-1); Connecting Culvert (Package-3); Ancillary Structures of Treatment Plant (Package-5); Primary Transmission Main (Package 6) and Design of Secondary and Tertiary Distribution System (Package 7) under Fourth Dhaka Water Supply Project (Saidabad Water Treatment Plant) including deflect liability.
Nature of the project : Construction of WTP Structure.
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Assessment of available water resources for intaking of treatment plant as per planned capacity, Testing of water quality and identification chemical composition treated for required potable standard, Review of design, drawing, cost estimates, tender documents, etc. and updating; Tendering, Bid Evaluation and Construction Supervision of intake & raw water pumping station, 17 km primary mains; secondary mains 21 km; administrative building, workshop and residence; Feasibility study and detailed design of secondary and tertiary distribution systems; Preparation of investment and O&M plan for the project; Review of baseline technical, social and environmental aspects including community attitude and participation.
Duration and Date of completion : Jan. 1999-June 2002
Name of the Employer : Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA). WASA Bhaban, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka.
Volume of the project : 2.70
9 Name of the project : Investigation, Design and Construction of 5MGD (937 M3 /h) Iron Removal Plant at existing 15MGD (2812 M3 /h) Kalurghat Iron Removal Plant
Nature of the project : Construction of Water Treatment Plant.
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Water quality production test of all existing deep tubewells, Study of the performance of existing IRP, Mechanical/Electrical checking of equipment and panels, modification to existing high lift pumping station, Topo Survey, Sub-soil investigation, Hydraulic process design and geometric sizing of treatment plant units, Structural design, Filter Box design, Design of electrical and pumping works, Preparation of cost estimates and tender documents.
Duration and Date of completion : Nov.1997-May 2002
Name of the Employer : CWASA
Volume of the project : 2.00
10 Name of the project : Emergency Water Supply Project in Dhaka City (Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering) including Detailed Design, Tender Evaluation and Construction Supervision (Amendment 1,2,3), (DWASA-III)
Nature of the project : Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering for Emergency water supply in Dhaka City.
Nature of services performed by the Member-Firms : Identification of areas of deficit of potable water, water demand analysis; assessment of ground water potentials through analysis of available bore log, field well testing, water level monitoring and quality test, etc.; possibility of taking water from rivers surrounding Dhaka city including Meghna, Sitalakhya, Buriganga rivers, identification of available surface water resources and to select site for surface water treatment plant; design water treatment plant (s) for 225 ML/day, evaluation of existing distribution network and planning and updating the existing system, design transmission mains; design of River Intake Structure, Twin Culvert, Transmission main and other Ancillary Structure including Buildings; identification of a long term investment program for DWASA up to the year 2010; financial analysis and recommendation for improved system with new water and sewerage tariff, economic analysis and investment plan for future development with the proposed water supply facilities, etc.
Duration and Date of completion : Jan.1990-June 1995
Name of the Employer : DWASA
Volume of the project : 14.80